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Somepony call the WAAAAAMMMMMMbulance! 

Last night while I was at work, my boss came back while I was working on food orders and told me some woman called and got mad because she had to pay an extra 50 cents for some sweet peppers on her salad. I didn't think much of it since people in my town tend to be pretty stupid and act like horse manure. 

Anyways, I got home late and my boyfriend came here with me after work, and my mom greeted us at the door asking us what happened to 'Stacy' (Using a fake name here) and we were like, Stacy? What happened there? My mom was on Facebook and saw that Stacy had posted a nasty thing about where I work. We all read it and I called my boss (my boyfriend's mom) and she was angry. 

Some people around here think they're special and entitled to "free food" apparently. They want all this food but don't want to pay for it. Well, sorry peeps, we wouldn't have a business if we gave free food to your lazy butthole, now would we? People be like: "50 cents or a dollar for EXTRA cheese? OMG TOO EXPENSIVE THAT REALLY EMPTIED MY WALLET BAWWWWWW." I'm hardly exaggerating with that, and that's pretty SAD. We once had a person redo their WHOLE entire order (over the phone) because it was "too expensive" and they couldn't understand that if they wanted extra of something, they had to pay for it. "BUT BUT BUT I'M A LOYAL CUSTOMER WHO ORDURS ALL DA TIME CAN'T I GET A DISCOUNT?" Says the people who order either only at the first of the month or only orders once a year. We have to make money to stay in business, and people just can't seem to wrap their shallow little minds around that. Prices on a LOT of food items has gone up this year, and to keep up with being able to stay in business, we had to bump up prices a tad, or at least the headquarters did. We can't help prices go up. We don't decide the prices nor can change them. Don't come yell at us, go to the headquarters and complain. I'm sure they'll listen to your "woes" and then proceed to have you forcefully removed from the building because boo-hoo.   

I don't get why people are not only too freaking cheap to pay for an extra topping, but then they have to air out dirty laundry on social media sites, and NOT even tell people WHY they're angry. Do you know how stupid that is? But you know, Stacy would have looked pretty dumb making herself look like a cheap-@$$. So of COURSE she left that important detail out. It's one thing to rant, but to in a small way, LIE to your friends? Pathetic. It's like she was being a total try-hard to make herself look good, but in reality, no. She left out the important detail of being cheap and tried to make our business look bad. Thankfully she won't be ordering from us anymore; which my boss checked the computer, and this lady only orders like once or twice a year. OH NO WE WILL GO BANKRUPT FROM NOT HAVING YOUR BUSINESS BECAUSE YOU TOTALLY KEEP US IN BUSINESS. *Rolls eyes*

But yeah. If you HONESTLY must go somewhere to rant about a business, think first and ask yourself these questions:

1) Was I in the wrong?

2) Did the worker have control over what I got mad about?

3) Did I make a scene over nothing and make myself look stupid? 

4) Did I gain anything of worth for acting like a spoiled, self-entitled brat?

If you answered 'yes' to any of the first three, and answered no for the last, don't post about your "terribuuuuuuuu" experience, because chances are, you'll make yourself look like an idiot, and possibly get called out on it. 

*Sighs* There. Rant over. People's stupidity astounds me to how they manage to function daily. 


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Often I post things on this account instead of my TRL account since this is my MAIN account and I'm on this most often due to cleaning out messages here since I can easily rack up 500 notifications in a single day of not cleaning my inbox. But I DO try to post TRL stuff from my other account and will try to start doing so here soon.… My chatroom! :D… My Pokemon X & Y Chatroom! :pokeball:

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